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8th Grade Promise Scholarships






Activity Descriptions (Workshop assignments that receive a grade of 70% or better will qualify for scholarships)

  1. Deposit $20 or more each semester in your College Choice 529 account and Promise Scholarships will provide a $20 match per semester. If you make deposits both semesters, Promise Scholarships will give you a $10 bonus match in Quarter 4. 

  2. With a parent or guardian, apply for the 21st Century Scholar. 
  3. Parent or guardian files a College Costs Estimator to learn how much your family will be expected to pay for your college and career education. 
  4. With a parent or guardian, complete a call with an advisor from the National Center for College Costs to analyze your College Costs Estimator and start planning how to make good financial choices for college and career.                                
  5. Personal interest inventory assignment to see what talents you have and where your interests lie.
  6. High school course planning assignment that will prepare students for college and career.
  7. Mock College Application assignment
  8. “Future World Economy” assignment to learn what you can do and what you can earn with less than a high school diploma, a high school diploma, education after high school, a two-year and four-year college degree. 
  9. Personal finance assignment called “A Guide to Living on Your Own.”
  10. Assignment using the College Costs Estimator website to compare costs of top three college choices.    


To sign your child up to participate in the Community Foundation Promise Scholarship Program and help them earn money for education and training after high school, please read the Promise Scholarship Participation Agreement and fill out the accompanying form.