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4th Grade Promise Scholarships



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Assignment & Activity Descriptions

  1. With your teacher, set a personal goal for growth in the NWEA assessment by the end of the year. 
  2. Turn in all assignments for reading in Quarters 1, 2, and 3 with scores of 70% or better. In Quarter 4, complete all assignments for reading and meet your NWEA goal.
  3. Turn in all math assignments with scores of 70% of better and master multiplication facts in Quarters 2 and 3. In Quarter 4, complete all math assignments and reach your NWEA goal.        
  4. Complete a language arts essay in each of Quarters 2 and 3 with scores of 70% or better. 
  5. Deposit $20 or more each semester in your College Choice 529 account and Promise Scholarships will provide a $20 match per semester. If you make deposits both semesters, Promise Scholarships will give you a $10 bonus match in Quarter 4. 


To sign your child up to participate in the Community Foundation Promise Scholarship Program and help them earn money for education and training after high school, please read the Promise Scholarship Participation Agreement and fill out the accompanying form.