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The Mary Louise Little Legacy Society

Mary Louise Little was an active community leader who served as President of what was then called the North Manchester Community Foundation when she died in 1977.  The Community Foundation’s Board of Directors chose to honor Mary Louise Little by naming their planned giving society for her.  Members of the Mary Louise Little Society have provided for Wabash County by creating a planned gift.  Working with their advisors, these individuals have arranged to make a contribution after their deaths to the Community Foundation.  Arrangements have been made through their wills, or by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, trust, IRA or charitable gift annuity.  Through thoughtful planning they leave a legacy of generosity which conveys beyond their lives their values and commitment to Wabash County.

The Community Foundation is eager to work with you and your advisor to consider the best arrangements for you to leave a lasting legacy.
The Mary Louise Little Legacy Society:Mary Louise Little
Dick Atwell*
Ray & Enid Beam*
Glen Beery*
Fern Benson*
Glen Blocher*
Rebecca Culler
Charles & Florence Emrick*
Eugene* & Joan Fahs
David* & Jane Grandstaff
Gladys Harvey*
Glenn A.* & Nedra J. Hawkins
Robert & Pauline Hoover*
Bonnie Ingraham
Earl & Mildred Jacoby*
Max & Grace Kester*
Bertha & Gene King
Rufus King*
Robin D.* & Jeanette M. Lahman
Dr. Howard Liebengood*
Mary Louise Little*
Richard Livingston*
Lindy & Norma Lybarger
Viola Magner*
Ed & Martha Miller
Lloyd R. Miller*
Charles & Bernice Minear*
Dorothy A. Parsons
Jean Paulus
Martha Reiken*
Richard Ross*
George Russell*
Jane Scheerer*
Esther Jane Sheller*
Philip Sietner*
Elizabeth Spurgeon*
Jean T. & Margaret E. Stoops
Charles & Joanne* Valentine
Charlene & William Visser*
Janice Walrod*

We make every effort to print accurate lists when we recognize our donors.  Please call 260-982-4824 to alert us to any errors or omissions.